Piss Night

Planned Dates

October 20

Opening hours

Entrance 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm
The event ends at about 03 am


Leather, rubber, army, uniform, skinhead, demin, naked/ jock strap or sportswear

Piss Party

A night where the pissing not only takes place in the wet room, but all over the club. Why move away from the bar, if there is a guy on his knees in front of you ready to take you piss?

The usual dress code applies, but many prefer rubber or naked - remember boots or something similar as a minimum.

Remember that diuretic pill (pills that make you piss more) should be taken 2-3 hours in advance to have optimal effect.

The club 250m2 basement is a large playground for adult men with lots of slings, cabins, darkroom, porn on flat screens, bondageroom, double FF-room wetroom mm.