Bar and Cruising Night - BLUF meet and greet

Planned Dates

November 09

Opening hours

Entrance 10:00 pm - 02:00 am
The event ends at about 03 am


Masculin - Fetish prefered - Leather, Rubber, Neopren, Army, Uniform, Skinhead, Demin, Naked/Jockstrap, Sportswear

SLM Copenhagen is hosting the BLUF event this weekend, so therefore there is BLUF meet & greet this Friday ahead of Saturday leather and BLUF event.

Friday event in SLM Copenhagen, where you will have the option of mixing your fetish for example: * Rubber Shorts with football socks and sneakers * Jeans with leatherharness and boots * Army pants with soccer jersey and skinhead boots * Foodball shorts with rubber shirt and sneakers * Neoprenchaps, cap and boots * Leather pants, rubervest and armyboots. the possibilities are many.

What happens in a Bar and Cruising Night?

Some come to socialize with friends, drink a beer at the bar, smoking a cigarette or cigar in our smoking lounge, play a game of pool with the boys - others go directly into the basement to get sex - Anything can happen! Precisely this is one of the club's strengths, that there is both the opportunity to cultivate social cohesion and to have sex. You do not have to choose whether you want one or the other. Our bar offers 4 different kinds of spirits: Rom, Vodka, Wishky and, Gin, in addition we have a number Danish beer and some ofther drinks/shots.


Due to danish law you need to be a member to SLM Copenhagen in order to have sex in a bar. You have 3 diffent options: A-membership (valid for a year) DKK 500 (70€) please bring a photo B-membership (valtid for 30 days) DKK 150 (20€) C-membership (valid only one Friday) DKK 50 (7€) There are Bar and Cruising Night every Friday