Bondage Sunday

Planned Dates

Opening hours

Entrance 04:00 pm - 05:00 pm
The event ends at about 10 pm


Leather, rubber, army, uniform, skinhead, demin, naked/jock strap, sportswear

Tied and helpless

Do you like to be tied , so you can not move and have no any influence on what might happen? Perhaps with a hood over your head , blindfolded or earplugs in your ears?, then you are completely cut off from what may happen around you, only your sensibility and your body can tell you what happens ?

Or maybe you want to have complete control over what may happen with your playmate?

Bondage BD is a serious play , ( bondage and discipline). You need to feel safe in bondage, for only when you feel completely at ease , it is possible to give yourself completely to the others.

Straight Jackets , sleep sacks , mummificering and suspension or other forms of restraint are just some possible remedies , rope , chains, locks, cuffs and blindfolds are some other , or just a good roll plastic film . Importantly, you have the desire to go down into the dark basement and see , or rather feel what it degenerates into . If you have toys, so take that and look forward to playing - and being toyed with - in the club's basement .
There is access to the club between 4 and 5 pm, so there is time to arrange the rules in detail, what are good and what is no-go . A NO always means NO, and you will not be attacked or ' used ' by anyone, unless you have asked nicely for it. The club closes when the last man is unpacked.