SM Night

Planned Dates

Opening hours

Entrance 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm
The event ends at about 03 am


Leather, rubber, army, uniform, skinhead, demin, naked/jock strap or sportswear

Pain and pleasure..

On this SM Night we initiate the new layout of the club dungeons. Now with more place available to play, the team behind SM Night will ensure there a plenty of options to get going and make best use of the facilities.

Curious about SM? Control? Bondage? Spank or whipping? Similar? Drop by on our SM Night and experience new sides of yourself. Here you are free to explore your lusts, limits and desires. All you’d like to happen just may happen.

If you are a slave boy, to be firmly dominated – or the Master, turned on by controlling and punishing the slave – this is the event for you.

Bring your toys !!

If you have them. And enjoy playing – or be played with – in the SLM Club dungeons. If this is all new to you, feel free to drop by and just see if you want to get into the play.

And – of course – any play and actions are consensual and in mutual agreement between 2 (or more) boys whom agree on what they like and do not like. A “No” is respected and always means “No”.

Nobody will jump at you and abuse you – unless you asked for it