SOS-Sex On Sunday

Planned Dates

November 18 December 16 January 20 February 17 March 17 October 20 November 17 December 15

Opening hours

Entrance 04:00 pm - 08:00 pm
The event ends at about 08 pm


There is no dresscode.

HAPPY HOUR: 4am - 6am

Do you want more?
Couldn't come to SLM Friday or Saturday?

There can be many reasons to visit SLM on a Sunday.

There is always a nice and relaxed atmosphere - but maybe it develop into a real sleasy party.

The club 250m2 basement is a large playground for adult men with lots of slings, cabins, darkroom, porn on flat screens, bondageroom, double FF-room wetroom mm.

Free condoms and lube !